Body Treatments

Moisturizing/Hydrating Wrap 

This wrap starts with a gentle exfoliation. Then you are soaked in your choice of Body Butter. Body Butters are nutrient dense creams used to hydrate the skin. Body Butters are good for the skin because they contain emollients from the rich nut oils inside the seeds. These little moisture beads wrap the skin in a blanket of pure moisture that lasts longer than your average lotion. Body Butters provides a protective barrier over the skin to lock in moisture.


Detox/Purifying Mud Wrap

The Purifying Mud Wrap detoxifies the body by stimulating blood flow underneath the skin and pulls out toxins that have entered your body through the food you eat, the chemicals in the air and any medicines you may take. As a result of the mud wrap process, your skin is left feeling cleaner, softer, tighter and, thereby, more youthful.


Herbal Scrub

This natural exfoliation will leave your entire body glowing and re-energized.


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