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What is your cancellation policy?

Clients must give a 24- hour notice for cancellation of appointments. If sufficient notice is not given you will be charged in full for payment of scheduled session. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Revive Day Spa.

Should I make a spa appointment?

Revive Day Spa always does its best to accommodate last-minute needs, however to receive the ideal time for your schedule, it is best to make an appointment.

What information do you need from me when making a spa appointment?

When calling the spa to make an appointment, we require a first and last name, a phone number, and a credit card number. We do not charge the credit card, unless we are not given adequate notice (24-hours) for a cancellation.

What time should I arrive to my spa appointment?

Please arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to appointment start time. This provides adequate time to use the restroom, get undressed, and be on the table in time to receive the full service. For first-time-clients, we recommend arriving at least 10-12 minutes prior to appointments, so that there is adequate time to fill out a health regimen form.

What happens if I am late?

We always make every effort to accommodate our clients. If a client is late for an appointment, that treatment time will be decreased so that the next client will be able to start on time. Unfortunately the client will be charged for the service they were booked for originally, not necessarily the service you receive if you are late. Some of our treatments are only booked out for 15 minutes, if you are five minutes late, then 1/3 of the appointment has gone. Please arrive early to insure that you receive the full service you desired, and are not charged for services you were unable to receive due to time restraints.

Can I use my cell phone/pager in the spa?

To promote a relaxing atmosphere for all of our clients, we do not allow cell phones and pagers in the spa. Please make sure yours is turned off when you check in.

Is it okay to bring my child to the spa?

For their safety, and to promote a relaxing environment for all our clients, we ask that children are not brought to the spa, unless they are also receiving treatments.

How much gratuity should I leave?

Gratuity is always at the client’s discretion, but average gratuity rates anywhere from 15%-20%.

What should I bring (if anything) to the spa?

We prefer that our clients do not wear jewelry to the spa, or keeps jewelry in a safe space (such as a purse), as Revive Day Spa is not responsible for the loss of any valuables. If you are using a gift certificate to pay for your services, please bring the certificate in.

Should I wear makeup when receiving a treatment?

It is at the client’s discretion whether or not to wear makeup. As for facials and massage, clients may wish to not wear makeup, simply because it will be taken off in the facial, and possibly smeared by massage lotion in the massage.

What should I wear when receiving a massage service?

Clients should wear comfortable, easy-to-remove clothing when receiving a massage. Our massage therapists are trained in draping procedures that respect client’s privacy, and will keep client’s bodies continually covered with a sheet — uncovering only one part at a time in order to work on it. Typically, no clothes are worn under the sheet, but many people are more comfortable wearing shorts or leaving their undergarments on. The massage therapist will tell the client to undress to their level of comfort during the consultation before the massage begins.

How should I prepare for a massage?

Please be honest when filling out the intake form. If you have injuries, have had recent surgeries, are pregnant, have high blood pressure, etc. we need to know in order to give you excellent and safe service. When receiving massage, toxins that have been building up in your muscles are released. In order to fully enjoy the after-effects of your massage, and avoid headaches and nausea, please drink plenty of water before and after your service as well as not eating a big meal prior to a deep tissue massage. In addition, we ask that you do not consume alcohol before any massage treatment.

What should I expect when receiving a bikini or Brazilian wax?

When coming to Revive Day Spa for a bikini or Brazilian wax, it is best to wear loose-fitting pants, or a skirt. Tight clothes can chafe after a waxing service.

How long should my hair be before waxing?

Hair should be at least ¼ inch before having waxing services, approximately 2-3 weeks of growth. When in doubt, don’t trim or shave, as the wax will not last as long.

What if I have allergies or sensitivities?

We do ask for any allergies or sensitivities on our intake forms. If you have severe/life-threatening allergies (such as nuts) please also vocalize this to your technician. None of our massage oils contain nuts. They are completely hypoallergenic as well as our fabric detergent.

What if I have special medical conditions?

If you have high blood pressure, allergies, physical disabilities, are pregnant and/or other health conditions you should inform the spa when booking services. Certain services will exacerbate medical conditions and should be avoided. Other services can actually help to calm certain conditions and can be recommended at the time of booking. Please consult with your doctor before receiving any spa treatment.

What is the minimum age to receive treatments?

The minimum age for receiving spa treatments is 11 years of age with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Does Revive Day Spa provide services for pregnant women?

Revive Day Spa does provide services for pregnant women. Most pregnant women are able to receive all of our services (facials, nail services, etc.) We do offer pregnancy massage with all of our massage therapists. When asking for a pregnancy massage, please let the receptionist know how far along in your pregnancy you are. We request that you are past your first trimester (12 weeks) for a pregnancy massage. Also, if you have special medical conditions due to pregnancy, please talk to your doctor prior to booking any appointments.

How can I pay for my services?

We accept most major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, as well as cash and checks.

Am I able to book a private party at Revive Day Spa?

Revive Day Spa welcomes private parties. We do not charge to rent out our facilities, but do ask that while parties are here our technicians are fully booked. It is best to book as far ahead as possible, (we recommend at least three weeks, usually more) so that groups are assured privacy and desired services. Groups are able to bring food and champagne or wine, as long as all waste is removed from our facilities. However, it is against our policy for clients to consume alcohol before a massage treatment. For more information, please call our receptionist.

Are spa gift cards available at Revive Day Spa?

Gift cards are available from Revive Day Spa whether for dollar amounts or for specific services from our menu. The purchaser is also able to include gratuity for a service if desired. Gift cards may be purchased in one of three ways: (1) in person at Revive Day Spa, (2) over the phone using a credit card, and we mail them out to the recipient immediately at no additional cost, (3) online using the link provided on our gift card page.

What is Revive Day Spa’s return/refund policy?

Revive Day Spa offers exchanges for all retail, but does not offer refunds. If you are dissatisfied with a service or product, please bring it to our attention as swiftly as possible so that we may attempt to satisfy you.

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