Halloween is just around the corner, and for those who celebrate this means it’s time to plan a killer costume. If your costume involves makeup, don’t let the fun spirit of Halloween cloud your judgment when it comes to your skin’s well-being. You should not disregard the fact that heavy costume makeup can be harmful to your skin. If proper precautionary measures are not taken, all the Halloween fun and excitement can end up being a horrifying experience for your skin. Here are some Halloween skin care tips to help.

Halloween Skin Care Tips

Excess sugar, caked-on makeup, and a late night out are guaranteed to take a toll on your complexion this Halloween. Even after all the celebrations are over, your skin will most likely be looking a little gruesome but no longer as part of your spook-ified Halloween costume. With these helpful post-Halloween skin-care tips, your skin will be detoxified and looking and feeling as good as new in no-time!

Prevent Breakouts

DO NOT leave that heavy costume makeup on overnight! No matter how tired you are after your night out, you will only need to dedicate 10% of the time it took for you to apply the makeup, to remove it. Use our Deep Cleansing mask after thoroughly washing your face to gently clean out the pores and remove excess sebum. The deep cleansing mask can also help to remove hard-to-remove makeup leftovers. Simply apply the mask and remove with a damp wash cloth after 5 to 10 minutes.

Deal With The Irritations

Glitter, prosthetic wounds, and any other fun stuff you are using to enhance your costume can cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Layer the Soothing mask on before bed as a sleep mask in place of your moisturizer. The chamomile and shea butter will help reduce any inflammation and redness. If you have sensitive skin, you can also apply a very thin layer of the soothing mask on your face before applying your makeup to protect and soothe your skin.

Skip the Halloween store makeup and go for cosmetic grade

There are so many options when it comes to cheap costume makeup; however, if you want to do what’s best for your skin, you will avoid drugstore or Halloween store makeup this year. Spending more money on cosmetic-grade beauty products (usually labeled as ‘professional’ or ‘theater’) will be less harsh on your skin. Cheap makeup may be labeled as hypoallergenic, but it will clog your pores and do more harm than good.

Use a Clarifying Cleanser

By now you know that the first step of any skin care routine is cleansing. Now, when it comes to removing all of your Halloween makeup, instead of reaching for a run-of-the-mill cleanser, it’s time to bring out the big guns —in other words, a clarifying cleanser. This type of cleanser is especially beneficial because it can help purify pores and remove impurities. Your witch/mermaid/mouse/insert-costume-here makeup will finally meet its match.

Hydrate with a Facial Oil

Before applying your favorite hydrating cream, give your skin a little extra love with a well-formulated facial oil. Typically, these oils are formulated with a blend of complexion-boosting essential oils, and can help pump up the hydration.

Give Your Eyes Some Love

Chances are your Halloween look included some form of a killer statement eye. Whether you rocked a super thick wing tip or went all out with zombie eyes, there’s no doubt the delicate skin surrounding your eyes could use some extra attention. To help de-puff this sensitive area of skin and prevent waking up looking like you’re still half dead, reach for a moisturizing eye cream.

Don’t forget to treat your scalp right, too!

Of course, Halloween is the one day during the year when it’s completely acceptable to “let your hair down” and use all kinds of hair dyes and color hair shadow products, but be sure not to let your healthy hair be completely at risk!

  • After the party’s over, give your hair a thorough shampoo and conditioning to rinse out all of the artificial coloring inside of it. Be sure to take extra care of your scalp with an olive or coconut oil head massage to keep your hair soft, smooth, and prevent it from drying out. If an entire head massage seems like too much work, do a quick treatment by rubbing a dime-sized amount of olive or coconut oil between your hands while gently smoothing it over your hair to get rid of any frizz or fly-aways.

Keep your tummy satisfied without overindulging!

Although there are endless sweets to be devoured on Halloween, here’s how to make sure you treat yourself right and limit your sugar intake even after the trick-or-treating comes to a close.

Eat the right candy (and not a lot of it!):

Of course, it is expected that you’ll be eating candy on Halloween. After all, that’s the main premise behind this holiday, right? But don’t forget that your diet completely affects your skin’s health, and the processed and refined sugars in most of the Halloween candy that you pick up are not only bad for your complexion, they’re also bad for your overall health. Eating too much candy can cause acne breakouts, dull skin complexions, and can even speed up the signs of skin-aging, so keep the sugar intake moderated.

If you do happen to indulge in a piece of candy or two, avoid milk chocolate and sugar candies like lollipops or hard candies. Instead, go for the dark chocolate (those that are dairy-free would be best), which has a lot less sugar without risking its delicious taste. If you’re not allergic, feel free to choose dark chocolate that contains nuts, which will give you some protein.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:

Keeping hydrated after the sugar fest is a must, especially because it will successfully prevent dry skin, breakouts, and even allergic reactions.

Focus on festive food alternatives:

Instead of feasting your eyes on the abundant leftover Halloween candy that’s always lying around just hours after the party’s over, go for some healthy (and festive!) food alternatives, such as pumpkin seeds or sliced apples with honey or any other seasonal fruit that is not only good for you, but for your complexion, too!

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