One of the most overlooked body parts for receiving massage therapy is our hands. Yet it’s one of the main areas where a little bit can go a long way. That’s because hand reflexology is a massage technique that focuses attention on bundles of nerve endings to stimulate nerves in other parts of the body, leading to positive outcomes for a range of health issues.

How Hand Reflexology helps with anxiety?

Hand reflexology is a massage technique that puts pressure on various reflex points around your hands. The belief is that these points correlate to different body parts and that massaging the points can help to relieve symptoms in other areas of the body. Reflexology may help you feel less stressed, more relaxed, and more energized. But the benefits might go deeper if you have certain health issues.

Some people with medical conditions find that they feel less pain and discomfort if they have less stress, and reflexology may help with that.

Specific regions with reflex points in reflexology

Foot region

There have been studies supporting the fact that proper massage of the foot region in reflexology can help alleviate anxiety, stress, nausea as well as pain. There are specific regions on the foot that will help change the entire energy flow throughout the body if stimulated properly.

Hand Region

In the hand region there are various points that can be touched and massaged to help the entire body relax. If your hands are tense, it is a sign that you are physically stressed. The idea here is to free the trapped tension and let your entire body calm down. A clenched hand with tense fingers is a sign of stress. An open palm with loose, dangling fingers is a sign you are becoming more relaxed. An Omaha reflexologist may even show you a chart that depicts various regions he or she is trying to stimulate on your hand.

Head Region

One area that some reflexologists target is the head region. If you get frequent tension headaches or stress headaches, this can be a sign that your entire body is stressed. When cortisol production and epinephrine take over and the sympathetic nervous system dominates, it is extremely difficult to relax. Although it is less common, the head region may be targeted with various points to help you calm down.

Why use hand reflexology for anxiety disorders and stress?

If you have high levels of stress and anxiety, reflexology may be able to help you calm down and learn to control your anxiety symptoms. Most people go to a professional reflexologist for an initial consultation and to see whether they respond to this type of alternative therapy. To get to know you and make sure that reflexology is right for you, the therapist will start by asking questions about your health, what you eat, your lifestyle, and any conditions you have. Your answers will help them decide whether to work on your feet, hands, ears, or a combination of those. This is also the time to ask any questions you have.

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