IV Nutritional Therapy

How does IV Nutrition Therapy work?

The intravenous procedure consists of infusions (pressure supplied by gravity), which are known as “drips” and injections (higher pressures with a syringe). IV nutritional therapy is the fastest route to deliver nutrients throughout the bloodstream to distribute to the rest of the body. The nutritious concoction is slowly administered via a small needle to the patient’s vein for over 20-30 minute (2). During the session, the patient can listen to music, relax, read, and let the healing take place. The therapy is usually done 1-2 times per week and the beneficial effects are usually noticed by the third or fourth visit. Many who experience chronic conditions continue to use IV therapy every 1-4 weeks of when they feel their energy tanking. It’s like pampering your organs and cells to a nutritional spa treatment!

Myer’s Cocktail

Myer’s Cocktail, named from the late John Myers, MD, is a type of IV nutritional therapy where the infusion consists of vitamins known to enhance the immune system and improve athletic performance.  It works by increasing circulation of blood to distribute several essential minerals and vitamins beyond that which can be accomplished when taking supplements orally.  Other conditions that responded well were migraines, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, acute asthma, fibromyalgia, seasonal allergies, acute muscle spasms, upper respiratory tract infections, and chronic sinusitis. All of these health benefits jammed pack into a small needle!

Why use IV Nutrition?

Do you always experience exhaustion and feel nothing helps to give you that push of energy you need to go about your day? Are you prone to illness or feel as though you are not getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need for optimum health? Or, are you just simply looking for preventative care to staying healthy?

Good news! IV nutritional therapy may be just for you to help you achieve your health goals! The blend of vitamins and nutrients from a IV nutritional therapy session can help you feel energized and calm as you deal with the stressors in life, help your body shake off that feeling of exhaustion, and help you absorb the recommended amount of nutrients your body needs sufficiently without chewing and digesting food.

IV nutritional therapy, has been use for decades in hospitals but is increasingly being offered in private clinics to treat an array of medical conditions from nutrient-deprivation absorption disorders to dehydration. Give IV nutritional therapy a try so you won’t miss out on how this can boost your health to above optimal levels.

What is IV Nutritional Therapy?

IV Nutritional Therapy, also known as parenteral nutrition involves infusing amino acids, electrolytes, minerals, nutrients, fluid, and vitamins directly into patient’s veins. It is used for patients whose absorption of food and of fluids are inadequate, inaccessible, or unsafe. Sine your digestive system is limited in the absorption process, oral intake of high doses of nutrients is not possible. So, you can receive the full benefits of absorbing essential vitamins and nutrients without taking the time to chew, swallow and taste unpalatable boatloads of supplements.


People spend a lot of money looking and feeling young. Glutathione, maybe just the trick for you to accomplish your beauty goals! Glutathione, is a powerful antioxidant and considered “The fountain of youth” due to it’s anti-aging properties. It’s more than just for beautiful skin. Glutathione also has other life-saving properties it can offer for you! IV glutathione has been used to improve blood flow, in the treatment of diabetes, and prevent toxic side effects of chemotherapy and to prevent anemia in patients going through dialysis, kidney conditions, and treating Parkinson’s disease

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